Heart-Based Business

Recently, I have clarified that my business seems to attract clients that own heart-based businesses. I have been hearing this term more and more.

So what is a heart-based business?

Here’s a blurb that describes it well:

“Today’s businesses are not just about money and profit. People now realize that money and profit shouldn’t just be the main goal of a company or a business. With our community and the planet facing more and more difficulties, companies and businesses are reaching out and doing their part. This is why most companies now take their corporate social responsibility more seriously and really take part in alleviating the situation of the community they belong to or mankind as a whole. Have you heard about the double bottom line or even the triple bottom line? Though companies and businesses still move forward based on profit, they are also motivated by other noble purposes. What could have brought this change? It is probably because most businesses now realize that the heart is needed in doing business and the current trend of introducing spiritualism in the workplace.” – To Make Money (website)

My clients work from a higher purpose – be that spiritual, environmental, ethical, or social. They put alot of thought into their businesses, what it means, and how their business and their skills can be used as a tool to make a difference. Their businesses are an extention of them.

My business is also a heart-based business. At the start of my self-employed life, I set the intention to work with people who were on the same page, who I could talk openly about deeper, profound ideas, and create a business that suited me. For myself, it’s important to me to have open communication. It’s important that I work with clients where we can form a heart connection. In the process of creating a website, I learn a great deal about my clients and see most come from the highest of intentions. This just makes me love who I work with, and want to stand behind them and support them while I create their website. It’s a wonderful way to do work.

Instead of living a spiritual, meaningful life, but having to compromise, overly explain, or hide that side when working with mainstream services — it makes more sense to draw from an ever-growing community of businesses that offer services with values that line up with yours.

Businesses of all kinds could have heart-based owners, that do “noble” work and make a difference in the world, by consciously making choices to have their work reflect their heart-based values. This is how I want to do business, and the people who I love to do business with.