I’ve received feedback on my design style, and people seem to comment that I have:

  • Very colourful design
  • Flexibility in design style. I create my own templates, all sites are unique.
  • Sites that reflect the owners personality and style. All sites custom, and we go through a few drafts of the site layout to narrow down the best design that speaks to them and suits their needs.
  • Clean and simple layouts

Website Portfolio

Below is a sampling of some recent websites. Dozens more project examples are available upon request.

Kolya Naturals

I started with Kolya to update their previous version of their website.  And this fresh website started with the top mocked up by Allie Creative Designs, then the rest of the site built by me, with a ton of input by the creative Kolya team. Love Kolya Naturals.


Northern Star College

Long term clients who are so wonderful to work with. This is actually a second, refreshed design I did for them, the original was about 7 years ago.


Wayne Lee

Wayne Lee is a long term client. He’s a famous local hypnotist and motivational speaker. Site includes information about his services, online store, blog. All promotional materials also designed by me.


Disaster Forum Conference

There is this amazing yearly conference for disaster risk management industries (fire, police, etc.). They needed a site to advertise the conference, be mobile-friendly, more flexible, and gives them the ability to update themselves.


Oliver Community League

The Oliver Community League serves the most populated neighbourhood in Edmonton. Site includes a membership software, public resources, and easily updated by the league.


Gwen Randall-Young, Psychologist

Gwen is one of my mentors and favourite people. My business grew out of my work for her. I’ve designed and maintained 3 versions of her website over the past dozen years. Site includes extensive online store with physical and digital products, a blog with hundreds of articles and much more.


Antonio Peruch

Antonio is a Juno nominated, award-winning concert accordionist. I’ve helped design 3 CDs for him, as well as this website. He’s one of my favourite people. So talented.


Wish Bracelets

Wish Bracelets are such a lovely idea. The owner is a humanitarian with a magical heart. Choose a bracelet fitting to your wishes, make a wish, and when the bracelet naturally falls of your wrist, the wish has been made. The website includes an online store, and this lovely portfolio of art honouring all cultures worldwide and promoting world peace.


Hakomi Edmonton

Hakomi Edmonton offers training in Hakomi for psychologists and other professionals. They are also a hub for all professional Hakomi practitioners in the area.


Baby Trees

Baby Trees is a nursery that sells small trees that are great for the monumental times in our lives. To honour people, graduations, birthdays, weddings, and more. Site includes an extensive searchable catalogue with pictures and descriptions of each tree, as well as an inventory list.


Edmonton Bicycle & Touring Club

This is a great recreational non-profit organization that organizes many cycling events for it’s members. Site includes extensive blog article archives, helpful information, volunteer signup software, and multiple executives updating the website.


That Yoga Place

A very beautiful yoga studio located in Spruce Grove, Alberta. This project included extensive tutorials so a staff member could do most of the updates themselves. They do a wonderful job.


Riverwalk Counselling

This was a very fun collaborative project between psychologist, Robyn Mott, Liz Garratt (Harmony by Design), myself, and Sarah Clarke (who did the logo design and help with content). The background image is a beautiful quilt that was given to Robyn as a gift.


Erica Ross

Erica Ross is such an inspirational person. She specializes in ecstatic dance in Toronto, having trained many facilitators. She is a community builder. Site includes course listings, facilitator list, small online store, blog, with the ability for Erica to do updates herself.


Donata Eigenseher

Donata is such a beautiful soul. She has many workshops and products to teach children meditation and to develop their intuitions. She also has courses for adults and has one on one consultations.


Infinite Oneness

Lynn Vollmer is ThetaHealing® Master and Instructor and practises and trains people in ThetaHealing®. She required an extensive course listing and calendar, and course registration and payment. Project also included a logo design, letterhead and ad design, as well as an email newsletter template to match.


Healing Connections Wellness Centre

A long term client. Their original website I helped them with converting it to WordPress and giving many tutorials so they can do extensive updating themselves. Now this refreshed website has practitioner and modality listings, an extensive course listing, product catalogue, blog articles, workshop space rental information and much more.


Suzanne Allard, Interior Designer

Suzanne is a licensed interior designer for commercial and residential spaces. Of course with an eye for design, she needed clean lines and a professional look for her website.


Madrona Law

Ani Law Corporation, a law firm on Gabriola Island, needed a professional, scrolling-style of website to advertise their services.


Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm

Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm offers drum circle residencies in schools as well as courses to teach teachers to facilitate drum circles themselves. Such an inspirational person, Lucas Coffey.


Phoenix Physical Therapy

This is a business also owned and beside That Yoga Place in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Here is a great example where we can take an existing design (the That Yoga Place website I had designed previously), tweak it, and use the sample template for this business.


The above are some of the most recent projects. Many more website layouts available upon request.

Graphic Designs – Coming Soon!

Book Design

CD Design

Promotional Design

Business Cards, Letterhead, etc.