To give you an idea of what websites cost, here are some packages. I will always give you a custom quote as many projects have a unique list of criteria.

Contact me if you have questions.

Hourly Rate


$125/hour – One-time Tutorials (e.g. 2-4 hours)

Otherwise custom-quoted by the job.

Website Pricing

Basic Website

Starting Price
  • Setup Hosting, WordPress, Email
  • Setup Security, Website Backup
  • 1.5 – 2 hour Tutorial (how to use wordpress, elements of your website)
  • Basic website design – banner design, and simple editing of background, font-styling. For those needing a web presence on a budget. A simple, clean website. Up to 3 Pages. (Higher cost if you need extensive graphic work or extra functionality, extra pages)
  • Example – madronalaw.ca
Mid-Range Website

Starting Price
  • Setup Hosting, WordPress, Email
  • Setup Security, Website Backup
  • 1.5 – 2 hour Tutorial (how to use wordpress, elements of your website)
  • Either a more extensive basic website or a simple custom website. More customizations, extra add-ons e.g. event listings, blog, software addons, membership sites, online stores, etc.
  • Example – infiniteoneness.com
Custom Website

Starting Price
  • Setup Hosting, WordPress, Email
  • Setup Security, Website Backup
  • 1.5 – 2 hr Tutorial (how to use wordpress, your website)
  • A complete website package. Custom design & branding. We work more closely together and the site is designed to match who you are, your business and where you are going. As a business grows, this kind of site takes your web presence to the next level, and you will likely outgrow a starter website. Most of my websites are custom sites.
  • Examples – waynelee.com,
    eyeonliteracy.com, and most of the websites in my portfolio.

Other Website Services

Refreshing Old Site
Custom $

Custom Quoted
  • e.g. transfer existing design to WordPress format
  • e.g. make mobile-friendly
  • e.g. site redesign
  • e.g. smaller updates to existing website
  • e.g. adding to existing website
  • e.g. transfer hosting, other upgrades
Website Emergency (Hacks, Site down, etc.)
$250 – $500

*Subject to change based upon circumstances
Usually this takes Minimum 2 hours, and usually 2-4 hours. $125/hour. I usually do this same day, or within 1 day. If I can’t get to it this soon, I will reduce my rate to $85/hour.
One Time Website Cleanup, Upkeep, etc.

*Subject to change based upon circumstances
2-3 hours cleaning up files, updating things, checking or updating security, making sure everything is working, fixing glitches, answering questions, etc. Backup files and database.
Sales Pages
$800 - $1500

Custom Quoted
This quote is on the assumption that you already have a website setup. Price depends upon length of page, and there may be a higher cost if I am also setting up payment option, linking with a mailing list, and more. Sales pages are very time consuming to design as it involves custom graphics and creative organizing of content. If you’re selling a product or service, this is worth the investment to present it well.
E-Newsletter Setup & Template Design
$350 – $600+

*Custom Quoted
E-Newsletter custom design within existing newsletter service (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Mad Mimi, Active Campaign, etc). From a simply template (banner at top) to more complex.
Other Website Tasks
Custom $

Custom Quoted
Other things you may need help with:

  • Online Store Installation
  • Event Software Installation
  • Integrate appointment booking software
  • Online Course Implementation
  • And anything your imagination dreams up!

Website Maintenance Packages

Pre-pay for hours of work.

5 Hours

10 Hours

15 Hours

20 Hours

1 hour Quarterly

(Save $20)
1 hour, 6 x's/year

(Save $40)

Graphic Design Services

Business Cards

$300 – 1 side
$400 – 2 sides

What may cause this to cost extra – if I’m designing a logo, if the graphics you provide require photoshopping or to be re-done due to quality, if we drastically change the card design after we’ve already completed 3 drafts, if you require an card style drastically different from a regular 3.5″x2″ business card

logo design

Clients must have a starting point idea(s) of what they would like. If you need help with suggestions, I may suggest hiring a marketing expert to help initially.

Starting at $500 – Design from Scratch

Starting at $300 – Sprucing up an existing logo – Re-doing a logo that is poor quality or modifying an existing logo.


Starting at $200 – Letterhead


Starting at $250 – 8.5″ x 11″ simple/quick poster

Starting at $450 – Larger or more visual interest poster

book / e-book design

$300 – Quick E-Book Cover, not too fancy nor with major revisions. Front page only.

Starting at $800 – Front & Back cover, more extensive design, several drafts. Includes a 3D-looking book graphic, a pdf & jpg of the title page.

Starting at $1600 – Full E-Book or Book Design – (I will custom quote this, as a 12 page book is much different in cost than a 100 page book)


Starting at $450 – Tri-Fold Brochure, 8.5″ x 11″ (text-only, minimal graphics)

Starting at $850 – Tri-fold Brochure, 8.5″ x 11″ (full design, several ideas to choose from, more fine-tuned)


$300 – 4×6 Postcard – 1 side
$450 – 4×6 Postcard – 2 sides


Starting at $450 – Banners – I will custom quote, as for large-scale items, sometimes the graphics provided need to be turned into vector graphics for a better quality print.

cd design

Disc Cover Design – $250

Booklet Design – 1-2 pages (2 pages is 1 piece of paper front & back): $700, $100 per 2 pages thereafter

Back Cover Design – $350

Other CD style of packaging will be custom quoted upon.

Supplies – (royalty-free graphics/images, fonts, etc.) are usually used and with additional cost.

Revisions – 3 rounds of revisions are included in the price. Drastic concept changes, and further revisions will have an additional cost of $85/hour.

These are rough prices, and the quote may change if your needs are different. e.g. If you need a logo, cleaning up of graphics or images, etc. there will be an additional cost. All text and photos must be provided by the client (by photos I mean headshots, photos of people involved in the album.) I do not provide text-editing or writing services.

Note: booklets are quoted by every 2 pages, due to how they are printed.