I use my estimate and our email communique as the contract, this is why I am so detailed in it.

— website supplies (like graphics, softwares, etc.) — typically if it’s a graphic or a very small software (e.g. $15 or $20), I will purchase and then just add that to the final bill for reimbursement (I included an rough estimate in the quote, and I charge the exact amount on the final bill). If there are additional costs, typically my clients will purchase that so they have their own account with that company. We won’t get these larger additional softwares without discussing it first and deciding this is the best route.

— Drafts of the design before I build — I’m a little bit flexible with this. But it has to be within reason. Typically when doing a design, I do 3 drafts of a layout. Draft 1 initial design. Draft 2 I tweak the design and ideas based upon your feedback and what we talk about. Draft 3 is finalising the design. If after 3 drafts, it’s taking much longer as we cannot decide or you change your mind drastically after we’ve gone through 3 drafts, or once a design has decided upon and major changes occur midst building the website, then I will have to charge extra. I want something you are happy with, but there has to be a balance between this and being fair with my time.

— Who owns the designs — you are paying me for a service, so you do not owe me royalties or payment afterwards for the use of the design. Additional costs are only if we have a maintenance contract together, or there are additional services, or if one of the softwares we chooses has a renewal fee (but typically you’d pay for that one yourself, and you’d pay that to the company, not me). I request that at the bottom of the site, in the copyright notice, it say something like, “Website designed by Kim Tanasichuk.” with a link to my website. That’s all, though this is not required. I will give you all passwords for your hosting, back end of the website, etc.

— Changes — you will see I have built a small buffer in the estimate for some reasonable changes/additions. However, any additional tasks or larger changes, we will discuss and I will give you an informal quote on the cost for my time.

— When things go wrong — after the site is up and running, I do install a security software and backup software. However, I cannot guarantee the website will never be breached, that softwares won’t fail, or updates will no longer be available, or any malfunctions. It’s not to worry about, I am a very helpful person and won’t abandon you. But because there are so many factors out of my control, I cannot guarantee a website. I set up a good framework – security, backup, instructing you how to update the softwares when they require it, etc., so that if anything happens, the site can easily be restored.

— Termination of services – if for some reason we shall need to pause or stop this work, my hope is that the payment system helps us both feel secure. 1/3 deposit up front. Then roughly 2/3 in I will be for another 1/3. Then the final 1/3 at the end. If we stop our work together, I would simply bill for the balancing owing, of the time I put into it so far.