Green Hosting

Some of my clients prefer it if I take care of the hosting for them. And so in pondering this, I decided I would only want to offer 100% GREEN hosting. So I offer 100%, solar energy web hosting. I scoured the internet looking for truly green hosting. Most web-hosts SAY that they are green, but really their servers and offices are still run off grid power. How they SAY they are green, is that they offset by buying carbon credits or some sort, or SAY they plant trees, for example. I’ve only found one company with their whole facility running off 100% solar energy. AISO, out of California, USA.

If you’d like me to set this up for you, please contact me and we’ll arrange payment. I also offer the service of setting up hosting through any company that you’d like, and can offer suggestions, as I’ve worked many hosting companies.

Hosting Cost

All prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. GST not included in the prices listed below.
The pricing below is a starting price. If you have lots of media, need extended functionality (online stores, etc), then one of the larger packages will be needed.

Please contact me if you have questions.

No setup fees. If you are transferring web hosts, let me know and I can guide you (or you can hire me to do this on your behalf).

Monthy Fee (CAD + GST) – $16.95
1 year Fee (CAD + GST) – $130.00
2 years Fee (CAD + GST) – $220.00 (Save ~ $40.00)
3 years Fee (CAD + GST) – $300.00 (Save $90.00)

  • 1 GB of Web Storage
  • 1 GB of Email Storage
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Website
  • 1 Database
  • Supports WordPress Websites

How to Sign Up

I am a small, owner-operated business and can set up this hosting for you by request only. Please contact me about hosting, and we can setup flat fees or monthly payments through Paypal.