Marketing Services

I have worked with all of these lovely people, and so want to tell you about the wonderful things they offer. If you are interested in their services, you can contact me, or feel free to contact them directly to find out more.

Beth Harding

What I love is Beth, is her wonderful balance of business savvy (corporate and small business background) and a heart-centred approach. She has an Algonquin Indian Shamanism background, and she has such a pure and acute awareness that is a MUST for me because that’s the kind of business I have, and the kinds of clients I work with. She pushes when it’s right, she’s gentle when it’s needed. I am a client of hers, and I always feel loved, safe and supported. And she’s so much fun to work with! She offers:

  • Heart-Centred Business Coaching -She’s amazing. Can’t rave enough.
  • Marketing Ideas – Her background is public relations
  • Writing and Editing– She’s a pro. She loves adverbs.
  • Event Planning– From concept to execution, Beth is your ticket to a well-organized event. She had alot of experience in this, on corporate and small-business levels. She’s also great at working with “talent”.

Visit Beth’s Website

Sure Shot Marketing – Cora Bolianatz

  • Marketing Strategist & Founder – I’ve only worked with Cora on a couple projects, but she’s really great. If you need affordable marketing help, contact her.

Strong Coffee Marketing

I have worked with two of the lovely fellows at this company (Brian and Trevor), and they have been amazing to work with. Around them, I feel like I have really stepped up my game as a designer. They can help with:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – This is the stuff (keywords, page titles & descriptions) that helps the search engines like Google find you and rank you. My skills are basic, but they fine-tune it, research it, work with it as an evolving entity, to make your website more popular, focussed, and easy to find.
  • Web Marketing Strategy – Want to advertise on the web? Increase it’s popularity? They can help.
  • Social Media Implementation & Strategy – With one of my clients, they gave a plan and strategy with using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, etc. effectively. They know some amazing softwares that work with Facebook, and they are can actually make the blog, facebook, etc. posts to make the client’s life a whole lot easier.
  • Workshops – Check out the Business Link or their website for details.

Visit Strong Coffee Marketing’s website

Harmony By Design – Liz Garratt

I have know Liz Garratt for several years, and go to her myself for my own business. She calls what she does “Inspired Business Adventures”. Liz is trained in traditional business planning, but found there was a much deeper approach to take in our own businesses. All of my clients already live very consciously, so it makes sense to have someone like Liz to help from this approach to your businesses. Liz offers:

  • Inspired Living and Working Program – Contact Liz for details. From Liz’s website: “Inspired Living and Working TM began as a spiritual practice and has since morphed into a new way of living life more fully and authentically. This practice heals and integrates the whole self (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) AND every aspect of life (relationships, health, finances, work/service). It supports you to move forward through resistance and fear one simple, easy, natural, doable, right step at a time.”
  • Business Coaching – In my own words, it feels like Liz offers “Business Counselling”. I find it’s just so nice to book a couple hours with Liz every now and then, as almost a business tune-up. I share my new ideas, my challenges, and somehow just talking it out feels so good. Her gift is listening, and then she gives the most wonderful feedback that affirms and helps you get clear. She does coaching for individuals, as well as groups and organizations.

Visit Liz’s Website


Developing a thriving business requires a capable and harmonious team. Kim has well-qualified friends and associates for other support services you may require. These include:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Writing
  • Editing and Proofing
  • Programmers – programmer contacts needed
  • Voice work
  • Search Engine Optimization – advanced SEO contacts needed
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Services – see above for more info